Kay was born in Port Arthur, Texas.  She discovered her musical gift at an early age.  At 4, her parents put her in piano lessons.  This decision would only reveal the natural gifts and talents she possessed.  Reading music and learning classical music never set well with Kay.  At 12, she left traditional piano lessons and began playing in church.  There she learned all about gospel, and thus her roots in music grew deep. 

In her 20s, she ventured out into the world of Blues.  She began playing and singing with a Beaumont based blues band, The Aces.  She fell in love with blues, and still loves to show up at local blues jam nights and wail out some standards.  In her 30s, she returned to church music, in a more contemporary setting and also embarked on a journey performing as a solo artist.  Her reputation has grown and she is always working, whether it's at local upscale restaurants, private parties, corporate events or casino appearances, Kay stays busy and loves making music.  She returned to college in her late 30s and graduated at 40 with a 4.0 GPA and a degree as a session musician. 

She has 2 published CDs and is honing her songwriting, too.  She relocated to Central Texas during the pandemic and took some time off from performing to adjust to a new job and a new city.  In late 2023, she has stepped back into performing and gigging and is looking forward to seeing you out and about in Waco, Beaumont, Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area soon. 

Whether it's playing some light jazz behind a dinner party, performing solo on a dim lit patio of a restaurant, or in the spotlight, wailing the blues, Kay Miller is in her element when there is a microphone in her hand and she is making music!